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Calibrated Princess Cut Square A Grade Red Natural Ruby

Calibrated Princess Cut Square A Grade Red Natural Ruby

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1.5 mm Square Princess-cut A Ruby

  • Gem Type: Natural Ruby
  • Mineral Species: Corundum
  • Grade: A (Medium pinkish red; slightly included; good cut; good polish)
  • Shape: Square
  • Color: Red
  • Cut: Princess-cut
  • Phenomena: Double Refraction
  • Treatment: Heating

Ruby is one of the classic big three precious gemstones alongside sapphire and emerald. Ruby is actually of the same mineral family as sapphire, corundum. Gem-grade ruby is incredibly rare and highly valued right now, with prices increasing every year. The finest rubies come from Myanmar (Burma), but export controls have made these rubies extremely rare. Other sources of very fine rubies include Madagascar and Thailand. Jewelry shoppers must be very careful when purchasing rubies -- most rubies on the market are "glass-filled", which means the stone may be mostly glass with some traces of natural ruby mixed in. We do not deal in glass-filled rubies, all of our rubies are natural with at most routine heat treatment. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

All gemstones from True Color Gems are ethically sourced and cut by skilled lapidary artisans. We are constantly acquiring new rare and unusual gems of every shape and size from mines all over the world, so check back often for updates.
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